Standard Washer-Extractor (Model:RF6068CLS)

Standard Washer-Extractor,Wascator FOM71 CLS,Microprocessor Control, max. program number is up to 999. With water level control system, dual control for water volume and water level. Water level, test time and water temperature are all controlled by microprocessor controller. Suspension drum and four load cell design, assist in stable running of washing and extraction. Detail information of washing programs, machine status, weight and water temperature can be observed from the LCD display, more easy for observation and operation.
RF6068CLS Standard Washer-Extractor,includes microprocessor controller, suspension drum system, motor control system, weighing system, water level control system and water temperature control system.

Test Scope:
All textile fabrics
Testing Standards:
ISO5077/6330, BS EN 25077/26630, GB/T 8629, NEXT TM7/7a/7b/12, M&SP1/P1A/P3A/P12/P91/P99/P99A/P134
Polyester makeweights, reference detergent and powder
a)  Microprocessor control, LCD display
b)  Drum Speed:Washing 52rpm,Extraction 1100rpm
c)  Capacity (Dry Weight):6.5kg
d)  Inner Drum Diameter:520mm,Depth, 315mm
e)  Power:AC380V,3P,50Hz,5.7kW
f)  Dimension:720(L) ×690(W) ×1315(H)mm
g)  Weight:net weight 184kg
Order Information:
RF6068CLS     Standard Washer-Extractor,Wascator FOM71 CLS
RF6068CLS/1  M&S Wash Programs (only provide to M&S accredited suppliers)