Static Extension Testers

KFG-2075 Static Extension Tester

  • Available in 2 forms – the standard KFG-2075 and the KFG-2076
  • Fixtures are designed and manufactured to meet the testing requirements of ASTM D3107
  • Developed to determine the stretch and recovery properties of woven stretch fabrics
  • Test may also be applicable for knit fabrics, provided that the elongation at 2 pounds/inch is less than 85%

Fabric Stretch – The extension of a sample at a load of 2 pounds/inch width, expressed as percent of the original length.

Power – The force required to extend an exercised sample to an extended length equal to 85% of the “fabric stretch”, expressed in pounds/inch width.

Unrecovered Tensile Strain Percent – The unrecovered length of a sample which has been held in the extended state for a specified time (2 hours), expressed as a percentage of the original length.

Single Station Tester


  • Single station tester consists of a vertical frame with a fixed clamp at the top, a 50 cm vertical scale and a sliding clamp that operates within the scale range
  • The single tester is used to determine the fabric stretch

The 5 Station Tester


  • The 5 station tester consists of one single station tester and five fixed clamps mounted on a board. It allows three tests each for two specimens at one time
  • The 5 station tester together with the single station tester is used to determine the growth after elongation to a predetermined extension