Steaming Cylinder (Model:RF6112)

Steaming Cylinder is used to determine the shrinkage of unstressed fabric samples subjected to steaming in a closed chamber。
RF6112 Steaming Cylinder,provided with stainless steel sample rack that can hold 4 specimens at the same test. The equipment has built-in timer for automatic timing control. The safety devices include door safety device, over-pressure protection device and over-temperature protection device.
Test Scope:
Textile fabrics
Testing Standards:
ISO 3005, BS 4323, M&S P8, NEXT TM15
Door seal ring、Sample rack、Steaming stability Template、Texpen Indelible marking pens (yellow or black).

a)  Built-in steam generator
b)  Built-in timer
c)  Over-temperature protection device
d)  Door safety device
e)  Over-pressure protection device
f)  Stainless steel sample rack
g)  Power:AC230V 50Hz/60Hz
h)  Dimension:410(L) ×600(W) ×310(H)mm
i)  Weight:Approximate 40kg
Order Information:
RF6112     Steaming Cylinder
RF6112/1  Door Seal Ring
RF6112/2  Steaming stability Template
RF6112/3  Texpen Indelible marking pens, yellow(6 pcs/pack)
RF6112/4  Texpen Indelible marking pens, black(6 pcs/pack)