Stirrers and Hot Plates

Digital Stirring Hotplate


KFG-2250 Digital Stirring Hot Plate

  • Digital stirring hotplate has a large heating element for fast and uniform heating.
  • Temperature is adjustable in 5 degree increments from 5 to 540 degrees C.
  • Chemically resistant, seamless ceramic 7 x 7” hotplate keeps spills away from electronics.
  • Repeatable temperature setting is easy with the digital display.
  • Powerful motor keeps stirring speeds constant despite changes in viscosity and prevails slow-speed lurching. Includes integrated ring stand and detachable cord.



Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer, 10 positions

KFG-2251KFG-2251 Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer

  • Heating temperature up to 120°C
  • High performance multi-position magnetic stirrer with uniform temperature distribution
  • Individually controlled stirring for consistency with various samples
  • Electronic speed control motor provides constant speed
  • DC brushless motor maintenance free and quiet running
  • Stainless steel plate with silicone films, anti-slip and anti-corrosion



Magnetic Stirrer Only, 10 positions


Specification as KFG-2251 without heating facility


Magnetic PTFE Stirrer Bars


Suitable for KFG2250, 2251 and 2252
6mm dia x 25 mm long– pack of 10