DATE: 2014

INFO: Rotary Store of Powder Dyestuff and Automatic Weight Control System.

STORE-X is the new rotary store of I.C.S. specifically designed for stocking dyetuff and chemicals in poweder. The system is equipped with a movable trolley that runs on the front-side rails and an user-panel for easily indetify the selected product on the shelve.

Accorndinlgy to the recent directives on safety and environmental protection, the system is equipped with an efficient filtering unit that prevents dye pollutants from diffusing around.

STORE-X can accomodate any customer needs being designed in different models with variuos max load and dimensione. Moreover, the system can be provided with an optional software module, with PC and monitor, for controlling the weight process. Thanks to two scales with different max load and resolution, the user can be assisted while weighting the requested mass of dyestuff. A bar-code reader based on wireless technology ensures the rapid identification of dyestuff and sets the correct weigthing sequence of dyestuff directly on the PC monitor.


  • due to its modular concept, STORE-X can host up to 8 metallic shelves, which can rotate both in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.
  • a movable trolley running on the front-side rails conveys two scales featuring with different max load capacity and resolution to ensure high dosage accuracy.
  • a filtering protection system reduces the dispersion of dye pollutants in the environment and makes the handling of powder dyestuffs safe and free from health risks.
  • the Weight Control Software WCS assists the operator during the manual dosing of powder. A bar-code reader and a label printer are used for a rapid recipe identification. The Weight Control Software WCS is fully integrated in the Production Management Tin-Pro specifically developed for the dyeing and finishing mills.


Technical Requirements:

Environmental Condition

  • We recommend to install the system taking into account its real dimensions. In case of 8 shelves the max height is around 6 m and its lenght is 5,5 m + 1,5 m of the movable trolley.

Power Supply

  • 380 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 4 kW, 10A, 5 wires: 3 phases + ground + neutral. In case of frequent electrical disturbance (interruption of main electrical supply and/or voltage spikes) the installation of an UPS unit is highly recommended.
  • We highly recommend to install an independent earth line of power supply to efficienly disperse the electromagnetic disturbances.