Textile Moisture Meter- Electronic

Digital Textile Moisture Meter- Electronic


KFG-2190 Digital Textile Moisture MeterThe new Textile Moisture Meter instantaneously measures the humidity percentage in fibers, yarns and bales of raw synthetic or mixed textile material as well as fabrics.

The Digital Textile Moisture Meteroffers 17 stored measurement scales for the following material: wool, rayon, cotton, linen, nylon, acrylic, polyester, 50% wool- 50% cotton, 60% cotton- 40% PES, 70%pac-30% wool, 67%pac-33% cotton, 70%PES-30% wool, 70%pes-30% rayon, 67% PES-33% cotton, 50% PES-50% cotton, 50%PES-50% rayon, 50% pes-50%pac.

Meter is supplied with probe holder, connection cable, carrying case, needle probes for fiber and yarn and a roller probe for fabric.

Set of 2 Calibration Probes


KFG-2191For simple two-point calibration of the digital moisture meter.