DATE: 2014

INFO: Integrated Management Software for the Texitle Dyeing and Finishing Mills.

TINPRO is the new integrated management software of I.C.S. aimed at monitoring and controlling all the activities, which daily occur inside the modern dyeing and finishing mills. Thanks to the long experience of I.C.S. within the industrial sector of textile, TINPRO is the best solution for managing the stock of dyestuff and auxiliaries in the plant, scheduling the batch preparation and dyeing dispositions, monitoring the cost of allocated dyestuff for any batch and assessing the production statistics. As a consequence TinPro is a valuable tool for boosting up the production rate and ensuring the highest quality level of the outcomes.

TINPRO software meets the real needs of dyeing and finishing factory since it takes into account all the activities pertaining each areas of the plant: colorant stocking area, weight control of colorant for batch preparation, dyeing and batch disposition, registry of suppliers, reporting of all documents accompanying the finished fabric roll. TINPRO has been developed by adopting modern source code language, and Microsoft Access and Structural Query Language data-base are both available for any customer requirement..

Thanks to its user-friendly design and multilanguage property, TINPRO can be fruitfully utilized by non-skilled users. It is the perfect aider for making the Italian art of fabric finishing unbeatable and well-known trademark in the world.

TINPRO is based on modular components in order to easily match with any customer exigence. it has a default set of functions and can be enriched by adding more functionality on the same software installation. TINPRO is completely integrated with all the products of I.C.S. family: Laboratory: ColorMatching TopDye, DOSOR-X, COLOR-X. Dosing equipment: CHEMI-X, STORE-X, WCS Weight Control Software module..



  • Dyestuff stocks: Dyestuffs and auxiliaries code number definition, In/Out movements of products, Ordering of stocked products through supplier and product type criteria, Analysis and comparisons among alternative products, Stock valorisation with different prices (medium, standard, etc.) analysis, Chance to manage minimum amount of product, Procedure for managing the goods inventory.
  • Orders to supplies: Orders-to-suppliers management, Integration with dyestuff stock, Orders print out and actual situation, Valorisation orders to suppliers.
  • Recipe management: -Memorization of approved batch-recipes in the database, Management of the recipes and search per product, type of dyeing, composition, Management of the recipes in continuous and discontinuous, Search of recipes per client/article/color, Daily working plan.
  • Statistics and costs: Historical Baths, Comparison between starting baths cost and definitive bath costs, Production statistics per customer/article and per department/machine, Production statistics per dyeing method and color shade, Statistic of revised bathes, Cost analysis of color addition.
  • Weight Control: This module WCS allows the user to manually dispense the powder dyestuff by utilizing two scales (with different max load and resolution) and a barcode reader for easily identify the product from the rotary store and the amount to be dosed.

Technical Requirements:

PC – System requirement

  • Intel Dual Core Processor @2GHz
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 20 GB HDD
  • Video 512 MB with 1024×768 pixel
  • DVD driver
  • n.1 USB port.
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • keyboard PS/2
  • Mouse
  • Ethernet board for connecting PC to the factory LAN and to provide the on-line assistance service through Internet