DATE: 2014

INFO: Color Formulation and Batch Correction Software for the Textile Dyeing Mills.

TOPDYE is the second generation Color Matching software of I.C.S. aimed at formulating new colors and correcting batches for exhaust and continuous dyeing. TOPDYE is the best tool for the digital control of color reproduction, that computes the best recipe with the least number of trials. It boosts the production rate and outcomes, being a must-have for any dyeing mill. Its advanced mathematical architecture includes the most recent developments of computation theory, as well as the best algorithms for solving min-max problems .

The accurate predictive capability of TOPDYE takes advantage from the efficient characterization of each dyestuff in terms of scattering and absorption coefficients. A minimal set of lab trials (5 concentrations) is required for assessing the relative strength of each dyestuff and estimating their re-emission factor.

TOPDYE is a multi-platform tool for satisfying any need of intense dyelab activity. It is the perfect aider for Quality Control, Formulation and Batch Correction. Thanks to its user-friendly design, TOPDYE can be fruitfully utilized by non-skilled users .

TOPDYE can automatically import colorant data-base from third-party system and dye-house. It can transfer recipe to I.C.S. DOSOR-X dyestuff dispenser and other colorant dispensing units. It can communicate with those spectrophotometers commonly utilised in dyelab for color estimation .


  • Computation of chromatic difference according to the last CIE directives by selecting color space, illuminant source, and observer function.
  • Outcomes are displayed, printed or exported to make data exchange easier.
  • A plot batch can be defined to display chromatic difference between a standard and various associated batches.
  • A special function to trace the color change of the same substrate of different lots (lot-formation).
  • A Special function for measuring the color differences for the Centre Selvedge (Cimosse).
  • A Special function for measuring the color of liquid.
  • A special function for measuring color of one yarn.
  • It finds the best recipe according to various criteria such as price, metamerism, solidity, and it accommodates substrate reflectance including fluorescent sample.
  • Formulation can include up to 6 different dyestuffs.
  • Chromatic coordinates (L*,a*,b* or L*,C*,h*) can be inputted for accurate prediction.
  • Color search functions and historical database of recipes are available.
  • Formulation of yarn and flock.
  • Efficient correction algorithm: 2 correction steps are on average sufficient to achieve the final shade.
  • Correction can be applied to batch production, too.

Technical Requirements:

PC – System requirement

  • Intel Dual Core Processor @2GHz
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 20 GB HDD
  • Video 512 MB with 1024×768 pixel
  • DVD driver
  • n.1 USB port. In case of spectrophotometer it is mandatory to utilise an additional n.1 RS232 serial port or n.1 USB port to plug in the serial cable of instrument
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • keyboard PS/2
  • Mouse
  • Ethernet board for connecting PC to the factory LAN and to provide the on-line assistance service through Internet