Universal Strength and Elongation Testing Systems


KFG-2070 Universal Strength and Elongation Testing SystemsFabric strength tests ensure that your fabric has the strength and integrity for its intended purpose.

To ensure the high levels of accuracy and repeatability of results, we offer fabric strength testing systems specifically designed for precise fabric testing.

All models have grade 0.5 load cells with high resolution readout and grips specifically designed for fabric testing that have no slippage or jaw breaks and ensure correct values are measured.

Single and dual column testers from 1 kn (200lb) to 100 kn (20,000lb) capacity are available.

When testing the strength of fabrics it is essential that the grips used will hold the material without slippage or damaging the material.

We offer a wide range of manual and pneumatic grips that are ideally suited for testing an extensive range of fabrics and similar materials. Your fabric strength tester can also be equipped for testing yarns, zippers, buttons and many other components.

To allow us to provide you with the best offer to suit your particular fabric strength testing requirements, please complete the questionnaire in our electronic catalog or on our website and email it back to us.


WINTEST SoftwareOur “Wintest” windows software package covers a complete range of fabric strength testing.

It features pre-defined test methods that include all relevant calculations such as tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, seam strength, and burst strength, among others.

Includes graphical results, reports, analysis and archiving.

International Standards Met:

ASTM D 434 Seam slippage strength of fabrics

ASTM D 751 Standard test method for coated fabrics

ASTM D 885 Test methods for tyre cord fabrics

ASTM D 1117 Standard test methods for nonwoven fabrics

ASTM D 1682 Tension and elongation of fabrics, strip method

ASTM D 1683 Fabric failure of seams

ASTM D 1775 Tension and elongation of wide elastic fabric

ASTM D 2261 Tearing strength of fabric, tongue procedure

ASTM D 2724 Test procedures for laminated apparel materials

ASTM D 2970 Test methods for tyre cord fabric

ASTM D 3107 Stretch properties of woven fabrics

ASTM D 3787 Burst strength of knitted fabric

ASTM D 4034 Yarn slippage in upholstery fabrics

ASTM D 4851 Test methods for laminated fabrics used in roofing materials

ASTM D 4964 Tension and elongation of elastic fabric

ASTM D 5034 Breaking strength and elongation of fabric, grab method

ASTM D 5035 Breaking force and elongation of fabric, strip method

ASTM D 5278 Narrow elastic static load tests

ASTM D 5446 Properties of fabrics used in inflatable restraints

ASTM D 5587 Tearing strength of fabric, trapezoid procedure

ASTM D 5733 Tearing strength of nonwoven fabrics, trapezoid procedure

ASTM D 5735 Tearing strength of nonwoven fabrics, tongue procedure

ASTM D 5822 Seam strength of inflatable restraints

ASTM D 6614 Fabric stretch properties

ASTM D 6479 Edge-comb resistance of woven fabrics in inflatable restraints

ASTM D 6775 Breaking strength and elongation of webbing, tape and braid

ASTM D 6797 Bursting strength of fabric, ball burst method

BS 2543 Seam slippage of upholstery fabrics

BS 2576 Breaking strength and elongation of fabrics, strip method

BS 3320 Slippage resistance of yarns in woven fabric

BS 3424-4 Coated fabric breaking strength and elongation

BS 3424-5 Coated fabric tear strength

BS 3424-6 Coated fabric burst strength, ball method

BS 3424-7 Coated fabrics coating adhesion

BS 3424-10 Coated fabrics, determination of surface drag

BS 4304 Resistance to tear, wing rip method

BS 4952 Methods of test for elastic fabrics

BS 5131 Seam Strength

BS EN ISO 9073-4 Tear resistance of nonwovens

BS EN ISO 13934-1 Tensile properties of fabrics

BS EN ISO 13934-2 Tensile properties of fabrics, grab method

BS EN ISO 13935-1 Seam strength, strip method

BS EN ISO 13935-2 Seam strength, grab method

BS EN ISO 13937-2 Tear properties of fabrics, trouser method

BS EN ISO 13937-3 Tear properties of fabrics, wing rip method

BS EN ISO 13937-4 Tear properties of fabrics, tongue method

DIN 53356 Tongue tear tests on coated fabric

DIN 53835-13 Fabric loading between constant strain limits

DIN 53835-14 Knitted fabrics loading between force limits

DIN 53859-4 Nonwovens tear, trouser method

DIN 53859-5 Fabric tear, trapezoidal method

DIN 53868 Seam slippage resistance

DIN 53934 Displacement resistance of fabrics

DIN EN 12332-1 Burst test, ball method

EN ISO 1421 Tensile tests on coated textiles

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EN ISO 9073-4 Nonwovens tears, trapezoidal method

EN ISO 13934-1 Fabric tensile tests, strip method

EN ISO 13934-2 Fabric tensile tests, grab method

EN ISO 13935-1 Fabric strip tensile tests on seams

EN ISO 13935-2 Fabric grab tensile tests on seams

EN ISO 13936-1 Seam opening of yarns in fabric, fixed opening

EN ISO 13936-2 Seam opening of yarns in fabric, set force

EN ISO 13937-2 Fabric tear, trouser method

EN ISO 13937-3 Fabric tear, wing rip method

EN ISO 13937-4 Fabric tear, tongue method

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ISO 4637 Adhesive strength of rubber coating

ISO 9073-3 strip tensile test for nonwovens

ISO 9073-4 Tear resistance of nonwovens

ISO 13936-1 Seam slippage, fixed opening method

ISO 13936-2 Seam slippage, fixed opening method

LTD 03 Power and recovery of stretch fabrics

LTD 06 Elastic stretch and recovery

LTD 07 Bra band elongation

LTD 10 Comfort value of seamless garments

LTD 11 Garment form load and elongation

LTD 24 Seam stretchability of knitted garments

P11 Fabric tensile strength

P12 Seam slippage strength

P13 Peel bond strength

P14 Extension and modulus of elastomeric fabrics

P14A Extension and modulus of stretch laces

P14B Elastic properties of lycra fabrics

P14C Extension and modulus of bare rubber tapes

P15 Residual extension of stretch woven fabrics

P15A Extension modulus and residual extension of stretch fabric

P35 Baumann tear strength

P42 Single tear strength

P43 Breaking load and extension of woven and coated fabrics

P98 Tear strength, wing rip method

NXT 16 Slippage resistance

NXT 21 Extension and modulus

NXT 25 Wing rip tear test

NXT 27 Breaking strength and elongation

SL 2 Stretch test

TM 177 Seam slippage

TM 128 Dimensional stability

TM 172 Tear, 5 highest peaks

TM 264 Bond strength, 5 highest peaks