Universal Wear Tester (Model:RF3128)

  • Universal Wear Tester(UWT) is designed to determine the wear and abrasion resistance of fabrics. By using different attachment, the UWT can fulfill the following tests: Abrasion Test (inflated diaphragm method), Frosting Test, Flex Test, Edge and Fold Test.
    RF3128 is equipped with 6 digit timer and counters, for accurate control cycle numbers and running time. A built-in precision air pump provides accurate and stable air pressure to the inflated diaphragm tests.
    Test Scope:
    For testing of fabrics in clothing, footwear and industrial fabrics.
    Testing Standards:AATCC119、AATCC120、ASTM D3514、ASTM D3885、ASTM D3886、FTMS 191、FTMS 5300、FTMS 5302、FORD EFB 15J2/BN 112-01、FZT01121、FZT01122、FZT01123, etc.
    Abradent, Elastomeric Friction Pad, Diaphragm, Control Ribbon, Steel Wire Screen
  • Specification:
    a)  6 digit timer and counters
    b)  Built-in precision air pump:0-6psi
    c)  Moving Table Stroke Length:25mm
    d)  Moving Table Moving Speed:120 strokes/min
    e)  Moving Table ‘HOME’ Positioning Function
    f)  Abrasion Head Rotates one revolution as the Moving Tables fulfills 100 strokes
    g)  Power:AC230V 50Hz
    h)  Dimension:660(L)×340(W)×480(H)mm
    i)  Weight:Approximate 48kg
    Ordering Information:
    RF3128       Universal Wear Tester
    RF3128/1    Frosting Test Attachment
    RF3128/2    Flex Test Attachment
    RF3128/3    Edge and Fold Test Attachment
    RF3128/4    Elastomeric Friction Pad and Base Pad(ASTM D3154)
    RF3128/5    Steel Wire Screen(AATCC 119)
    RF3128/6    Abradent ‘O’ Emery, 50 yd/roll
    RF3128/7    Abradent ‘600A’ Emery, 50 yd/roll
    RF3128/8    Abradent ‘320J’ Emery, 50 yd/roll
    RF3128/9    Diaphragm (without contact)
    RF3128/10  Diaphragm (with contact)
    RF3128/11  Flex Test Control Ribbon, 50 yd/roll