AATCC Viewing Boards


  • KFG-2152 AATCC Viewing BoardBuilt to American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) approved test methods 88B/88C/124/128/143/178.
  • The AATCC Viewing Board is designed for the evaluation of smoothness in the appearance of flat fabric and seams, and the retention of pressed creases in garments and other textile products after repeated laundering.
  • Provides a standard lighting and viewing area by rating the appearance of samples compared to appropriate reference standards.
  • Supplied with 2 x 1200 (4ft) Cool White lamps
  • Can be either wall mounted (KFG-2152) or mounted on a mobile frame (KFG-2152A).





Pilling Assessment Viewer


KFG-2153 Pilling Assessment Viewer

A versatile unit that accepts the modified Martindale specimen head, enabling fabric to be assessed during three parts of EN ISO 12945 and these test methods:

Part 1: ICI Pilling box method (BS 5811)
Part 2: Modified Martindale method (SN 198 525)
Part 3: Atlas random tumble method (ASTM D 3512-96)


Uses D65 Artificial Daylight, as specified by many specifiers. Other test methods which can be viewed include:

  • BS 5811:1986 Determination of the resistance to pilling and change of appearance of fabrics.
  • ICI modified pill Box for snagging.
  • Fleece appearance and surface change after washing.
  • Other test methods as specified by several major retailers.