Washing Colorfastness Tester (larger capacity) Model:RF6018E

  • Washing Colorfastness Tester, for conducting washfastness test, dyeing and dry cleaning test, and colorfastness to fulling, detergency tests.
    RF6018E, rotation speed is 40rpm,water temperature is up to 95 ˚C,max. capacity is to hold 20 containers of 1200mL or 20 containers of 550mL, large capacity for testing a number of specimens simultaneously. Safety door switch, over temperature protection, low water level protection, all for safe operation.
    Test Scope:
    Colored Textiles
    AATCC 28/61/132/151/190、BS 1006 C01-C05、ISO 105 Part C01-C06/C08/D01、M&S C4/C5/C10A/P3B、FTMS 191-5610、NEXT TM2/3/5、GB/T 5711/3921
    Parts & Consumables:
    Containers、Stainless Steel Balls、Stainless Steel Discs、Container Seals
  • Touchscreen control, with over 30 testing programs (test methods) built in. 24 blank programs left for customers who can program their own test methods.

    a)  Test Capacity:20 specimens for 550mL containers or 20 for 1200Ll containers at one test
    b)  Sample Rack Rotation Speed:40±2rpm
    c)  Container Capacity:550mL, 1200mL
    d)  Temperature Range:from room temperature up to 95 ˚C
    e)  Temperature Accuracy:0.5 ˚C
    f)  Temperature Rising Rate:Max. 2 ˚C /min
    g)  Bath Material:316L Stainless Steel
    h)  Control panel: Touch screen
    i)  Sample Rack Jog Motion for easy assembly of containers
    j)  Safety Device:Door Safety Switch, Over Heating Protection and Low Water Level Protection
    k)  Heating Medium:D.I. Water
    l)  Power:AC230V 50Hz/60Hz
    m)  Dimension:1180(L)×650(W)×1220(H)mm
    n)  Weight:about 190kg
    Ordering Information:
    RF6018     Washing Colorfastness Tester (larger capacity)
    RF6018/1  550mL Container(with 2 seals)
    RF6018/2  1200mL Container(with 2 seals)
    RF6018/3  Stainless Steel Ball(100pcs/pack)
    RF6018/4  Stainless Steel Disc(25pcs/pack)
    RF6018/5  550ml Container Seals(20pcs/pack)
    RF6018/6  1200mlContainer Seals(20pcs/pack)