Yarn Friction Meters

KFY-1091 Portable Yarn Friction MeterPortable Yarn Friction Meter

Friction and friction build-up cause yarn breaks as textile yarns come into contact with different surfaces during the manufacturing processes. The interaction between yarn and the other elements such as guides, needles, and machine parts will cause friction. The Yarn Friction Meter is a small, hand held, portable instrument that measures the coefficient of friction very quickly and accurately. It provides feedback on effects of wax, paraffin or sizing materials on the overall yarn friction values.



KFY-1092 Drive unit for Yarn Friction MeterDrive Unit for Yarn Friction Meter

The drive unit transports yarn through the friction meter, converting it to a laboratory instrument.Fixed drive speed and variable yarn tension.



KFY-1093 Digital Friction MeterDigital Friction Meter

The Digital Friction Meter is a reliable economical method of computing yarn coefficient of friction.  Windows software has been added which allows the DFM readout to be connected to your personal computer or lap top with a complete statistical package. Readout data includes coefficient of friction,COF averages with standard deviation, statistical limits for high and low and one-button transfer of results to Excel or a CSV file. Printable graphs and histograms are provided.


Simple operational friendly, yet powerful software is now available at low cost using Windows OS, in this powerful friction test system, the software includes setup limits for high and low coefficient of friction, S.D. (Standard Deviation) and C.V. % (coefficient of variation) The software automatically stores the data to a preset file for communication with the user’s main quality control database or can transfer data to an Excel file with one computer command. The software is able to graph the results and produce a histogram.

Special Features

  • Ability to delete undesirable tests.
  • Ability to arrange only rejected packages results.
  • Graph and histogram adjustable scale r automatic mode.
  • Ability to pre-select length of yarn o run before the test starts, in order to get equilibrium to the
  • new package.
  • One-step zero calibration.
  • Printout of test results.
  • Ability to give alphanumeric identification number to each package tested.
  • Work with laptop or desktop systems.
  • USB connection to computer.