Yarn or Wire Tension Meters

KFY-1136-8 Digital Yarn Wire Tension MetersYarn or Wire Tension Meters

Large, easy to read backlit, graphic display with adjustable backlighting and contrast.

Model No. Range Resolution Tension Units
KFY-1136 0-125g 0.1 to 1g cN, grams or lb
KFY-1137 10-1000g 1 to 5g N, grams or lb
KFY-1138 50-5000g 5 to 10g N, grams or lb


  • Display shows tension, name of calibration selected, running line minimum and maximum tension values, and battery charge level.
  • Select tension values to display in grams, lb., newtons, or cN
  • Instruments come with calibrations for numerous yarn and filament sizes
  • Up to 10 additional custom calibrations may be programmed into instrument (all calibrations are password protected)
  • Choose your calibration by first highlighting and selecting the material (either wires, filaments, or custom), then the units of measurement (inches, mm or custom). Lastly, select the material size or gauge number, and push “Enter”. The instrument automatically adjusts to the calibration you’ve selected with a full-scale accuracy of +/- 1%.
  • Selectable LCD refresh rates allow for stable digital readings.
  • Re-chargeable NIMH batteries and power supply provided. Approximately 9 hours of operation per battery charge. Automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of non-use.
  •  Instruments may be operated continuously while connected to power supply.
  • Numerous application-specific models available.
  • All instruments factory-calibrated and ready for use. Calibration certificated included.
  • All calibration values traceable to National Standards.