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Winding Machinery

Sorting yarn packages, analyzing production, and adjusting winding machinery has never been easier using J.A. King’s  yarn package classifiers.

The Package Yarn Classifier quickly classifies by weight, diameter, and density with a complete set of dispersion statistics to predict trends in your winding process. Unit is an excellent quality control device for package winding operations, assuring uniform package pressure for yarn dyeing and color control.

  • An unlimited number of package types can be stored in the memory of the yarn package classifier which comprises a new state-of-the-art PC-based controller with 7 inch touch screen full-color display (network enabled) providing the following parameters:
    • Ideal Weight with Upper/Lower Tolerances
    • Ideal Diameter with Upper/Lower Tolerances
    • Ideal Density with Upper/Lower Tolerances (weight per unit volume).
    • Denier (Optional-at no cost)
    • Ideal Length with Upper/Lower Tolerances (Optional-at no cost)
    • Tare Weight of the Tube/Spring
    • Diameter of the Tube/Spring
    • Taper Angle
    • Initial Stroke Length
  • A complete summary of each classification can be printed as it occurs with Weight, Diameter, Density, and Length (Optional–at no cost).
  • A complete statistical report at the end of the run can be printed including the following dispersion statistics for weight, diameter, density, and length:
    • Minimum Value
    • Maximum Value
    • Range
    • Standard Deviation
    • Variance
    • Coefficient of Variation
  • Three different run modes for Production, Quality Control, and Quick type runs
  • Password protected product input and classifier setup
  • Faster operation – up to twice as fast as previous models
  • All components are stainless steel and sealed from the environment