ASTM D 204 Test methods for sewing thread.
ASTM D 434 Resistance to slippage of yarns.
ASTM D 1578 Breaking strength of yarn in skein form.
ASTM D 2256 Tensile properties of yarn single strand meth-­
ASTM D 2653 Tensile properties of elastomeric yarn
ASTM D 2731 Elastic properties of elastomeric yarn
ASTM D 3106 Permanent deformation of elastic yarns
ASTM D 4034 Determination of yarn slippage for uphol-­
ASTM D 5344 Extension force of partially orientated yarn
ASTM D 6720 Recoverability of stretch yarns.
BS 1932
1 Knot strength of yarn.
BS 1932
2 Loop strength of yarn.
BS 4650 Tensile strength of yarn.
BS 4674 Tensile strength of yarns.
BS 6372 Breaking strength of yarn, skein method.
BS EN ISO 2962 Single
end breaking force and elongation.
DN 53834
2 Tensile tests of yarn in oven dried state.
DN 53835
2 Tensile loading of elastomeric yarns in constant
strain limits.
DN 53835
3 Tensile loading of yarn between constant strain
DN 53835
4 Tensile loading of yarns between constant force
DN 53842
1 Yarn knot tensile test.
DN 53843
1 Tensile test of yarn loops.
EN ISO 2062 Tensile test of yarns.
ISO 2060 Tensile strength of yarns
ISO 2062 Breaking strength of yarns.
ISO 3341 Breaking force of textile yarns.
ISO 6939 Tensile test of yarn from packages, skein method.